Hard at work here in the Maha Mala office brainstorming some new range ideas.

After the Hong Kong yoga festival this year (which by the way was fantastic! Thank you all you Asian Yogi’s for welcoming us once again!) we got some excellent feedback that people wanted a finer jewelry range as well as more bracelets.

So back here in New Delhi, Piya and I got thinking. What can we do?

After much searching online (thanks pinterest!) we came up with some ideas;

The first range (unnamed as yet) will feature silver, and gold plated chain necklaces with faceted stone accents in the middle of the chain. This range will also have a matching bracelet. The samples we made of the bracelets were so stunning, that immediately I grabbed one for myself! (the perks of being able to make and take from your own company….)

chain bracelet

Check out our sample photo below. (Taken with a quick snap on our phone….)

What do you think?

We plan on using tourmaline, garnet, peridot and amethyst in this range as we love the colours and healing benefits of these particular stones.





When it came to thinking up some new bracelet ideas, I didn’t hesitate, we had made some sample bracelets for the Paris Yoga Festival in October last year (2013) that got sold out. We hadn’t made them again, but I knew that they would be a hit. So it was easy to decide that we should make these again.

I actually already had a range name in mind that I wanted to use for our next bracelet range. I wanted to call the range; “Be True | Be You” as


one of my favourite quotes is from Dr. Suess- “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is YOUER than YOU.” I just love it!

So for this bracelet range we are featuring two different types of crystals with a mini tassel. Take a peek at the picture to see what I mean.


We have a total of nine different crystal combinations which we want to put out to you. I won’t reveal the combinations as yet. Wait for the surprise!

October will be the launch, so not so long to wait now!

Sending love,

Nora x