Crystal Healing

Below you will find short descriptions of the beneficial properties of each of the crystal beads we use in our products.

Crystals emit frequencies which radiate outwards into the surrounding environment. When we come into closer contact with these frequencies we are able to attune to the healing vibrations. To read more about crystals and how they can affect us go here.

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Amazonite- Truth and Communication

Amazonite is a stone of green or blue-green color. It brings harmony within the self and amongst people. It helps in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings by being direct. If it is kept by the bed side while sleeping, it will bring out one’s inner thoughts in dreams. If this stone is used while meditating, it makes everything more conscious. It is a truly empowering stone by aiding one in making all dreams and desires come true.  See all Amazonite products here.

Amethyst- Stability, Strength and Healing.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family and varies from a pale to deep purple color. Many high values have been placed on it as a royalty stone in the early Greek and roman societies. It was utilised in crowns, scepters and the rings of bishops. It is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It helps in the curbing of bad habits like quitting smoking, drinking or drug use. It also helps clear one’s energy field of negative influences. See all Amethyst products here.

Black Spinel- Inspiration and revitalization.

Spinel is another stone which is found in a variety of colors and is a stone of fresh energy. It is great for revitalizing any situation, as it brings a new sense of hope and inspiration to the wearer. Similarly it helps one to recover from illness or trauma as it bring a wave of new energy which relieves one of all negative thoughts. It revitalizes one’s whole life state by bringing immense vitality and inspiration. A stone of true victory! See all Black Spinel products here.

Black Tourmaline- Purification and Protection

Black Tourmaline is good for psychic protection for anyone who must endure challenging circumstances. It is a cleansing stone, clearing out negativity from one’s surroundings. It also helps purify the body of toxins and wastes. See all Black Tourmaline products here.

Blue Chalcedony- Calming and balancing.

Chalcedony is a member of the quartz family. It’s blue colors omit calming vibrations. Its is great for speech and communication; helping one in speaking wise words, as it sends soothing vibrations to the third eye. It also helps in having the right tone of voice in order to have affective communication and simultaneously helps one in having a connection with one’s inner self for better growth. See all Blue Chalcedony products here. 

Blue Tourmaline- Higher awareness and communication.

Blue Tourmaline, a.k.a (Indigo lite) helps to develop psychic gifts. It works very well for those who want to be mediums as it enhances one’s ability to hear and see clearly from spiritual guides or the deceased. See all Blue Tourmaline products here.

Carnelian- Courage, Vitality and Motivation.

Carnelian is an orange variety of Chalcedony and varies from pale orange to deep red orange. In earlier times, carnelian was used to give courage to warriors in battle, as it strongly activates the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, it brings upon one sexual vitality and life force. It helps in building courage, passion and inner strength. It aids in powerful action, strengthens the body and is excellent for the stimulation of Kundalini. See all Carnelian products here.

Chrysoprase- Altruism and Compassion.

Chrysoprase is a another heart stone which has healing vibrations as is suggested by it’s vibrant color. It offers a major source of courage to one in order to deal with challenges and difficult circumstances. It links the heart to the will and connects one deeply with the energy of Nature. As such it helps to keep the emotions in balance and helps one focus more on reciprocating with the natural environment. See all Chrysoprase products here.

Citrine- Manifestation and Will Power.

Citrine, another member of the quartz family is usually found in a pale yellow color. It is known for increasing clarity and provoking inspiration, bringing out one’s innate creativity. It is powerful in awakening imagination in uninspired people. Citrine has the ability to enhance mental clarity, also enabling great visionary effects, therefore making it possible for one to manifest desires and outcomes in their thoughts. Citrine is a great stone for will power and helps the wearer manifest their desires.  See all Citrine products here. 

Coral- Energy, Protection and Intuition.

Coral is a popular fossil and is available in a variety of colors, although the red variety is most commonly used in adornment of jewelry. Coral is a  strong stone working on intuition and picks up very fast upon the needs of others. It is also a protection stone and keeps us froms harms way. Lastly, Coral is often a stone used for boosting fertility.  See all Coral products here.

Fluorite- Clarity and Learning.

Fluorite is found in many colors and often multiple colors are found in the same specimen. The lovely thing about fluorite is that it glows under ultra violet light. It clears one’s environment of confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity. It balances mental energies and works well for the third eye chakra. Fluorite brings structure and focus while remedying confusion and instability.  See all Fluorite products here. 

Garnet- Personal Power, Creativity and Passion.

Garnet is found in a variety of colors and types but the most commonly used is the Almandine garnet which is of a deep red color. In ancient times, it was believed that the only light on Noah’s ark was provided by a large garnet. It was also believed that Garnet enhance truth and faith. It’s energies are deeply connected with the Earth and can enhance one’s vitality and endurance. It strengthens the base chakra and works well for those who feel ungrounded and lack energy. It also helps in the awakening of kundalini. See all Garnet products here. 

Green Onyx- Strength and Stamina.

Onyx comes in a variety of colors and is a great stone for strength, be it inner or outer (physical). It helps one to endure all and reach their goal no matter what is at stake. Helping one to focus, it’s energies really aid one to develop a strong and sturdy self. It brings great inner vitality and is excellent for people who have long term goals or for those overcoming long term illnesses.  See all Green Onyx products here.

Green Tourmaline- Healing, Strength and Vitality.

Green Tourmaline is a fantastic stone for self-healing. Green Tourmaline channels the healing powers of nature, it attunes one to the energies of the earth as it opens the heart and stimulates connection with divine love. Green Tourmaline activates reproduction. Hence, it is an excellent stone for those trying to conceive.  See all Green Tourmaline products here. 

Grey Moonstone- Magnifies Intentions.

Grey Moonstone helps one perceive beyond the ordinary. It helps in travelling into unseen dimensions. It is also known as ‘new moonstone’ as it carries powerful energies of the new moon.  See all Grey Moonstone products here.

Hematite- Strengthening and Grounding.

Hematite is very strong and effective in grounding oneself in the body and the physical world. It eases out one’s confusion and helps in moving forward with productive action. It balances all chakras and aligns energies all throughout the spine, down to the root chakra. Hematite is a stone that acts as a tool that can be used to manifest the wisdom one gains by travelling into higher realms in order to evolve as human being.  See all Hematite products here.

Iolite- Self Discovery and Communication.

Iolite is a stone of inner introspection. It helps one confront one’s inner strengths and weaknesses. It also helps one in seeing fears and expands one’s ability to overcome these inner inhibitions. It is a very good stone to meditate with as it is a visionary stone and easily takes one to the deep depths of one’s own life. Iolite is a calming stone and is great for focus.  See all Iolite products here.

Labradorite- Intuition and Perseverance.

Labradorite is popular for it’s amazing play of colors known as labradoresence. It is a gemstone of magic and awakens the innate magical powers of whoever is wearing it. It helps one to go onto a journey of self discovery that leads to adventure. Labradorite helps in the loosening up of one self. It activates the inner eye, enabling one to envision clearly the three existences of past, present and the future. It is a great stone for psychic healers. See all Labradorite products here.

Lapis lazuli- Truth and Self Realisation.

Lapis is a stone of royal blue color and is often found with inclusions of Pyrite and White Calcite. It has long been known as a stone of royalty and was used in jewels and ornaments for kings and queens. This is why it still carries the vibrations of ‘The King’ within it’s energies. It activates the third eye and enhances one’s intellectual ability, making one a great learner and teacher. Using Lapis in meditation can assist one in tapping into one’s past life memories. See all Lapis Lazuli products here. 

Malachite- Manifestation and Balance.

Malachite was used by the Russian Czars to produce ornaments and panelings in castles. It was also used in intricate inlay work in the Taj Mahal in India. It is a very strong and effective stone for protection against negative energies. It envelops one with it’s positive vibrations, hence keeping out any hostile forces. It makes one very intuitive of danger. It acts like a ‘cloak of invisibility’ and keeps one from being noticed by anyone who would want to harm you emotionally or physically. It is very good for the heart and helps one in maintaining excellent emotional balance and positivity. See all Malachite products here.

Orange Calcite- Creativity and Confidence.

Orange calcite is a great stone for creativity, specially when one is feeling deadlocked, it helps to look at the same situation in a new light and overcome it with an equally creative solution. It is also a very strong sexual stone, bringing vibrancy and confidence. It helps in healing wounds related to one’s sexuality, especially of childhood sexual abuse traumas, mentally and physically.  See all Orange Calcite products here.

Peach Moonstone- Magnifies Emotions.

Peach Moonstone has a very gentle energy and it supports the heart. It helps one to see and feel the divine love in the universe. It helps to soothe worry and anxiety as it brings in positivity in one’s life. See all Peach Moonstone products here.

Pearl- Femininity and Serenity.

Pearls represent femininity and are associated with the moon and it’s cycles. Pearl manages to calm and balance the emotions. It is very good for reducing worry, anxiety and frustration. It has a nature of taking us deep within, to help us understand our true selves. Pearls can also be used to cure one of addictions. See all Pearl products here.

Peridot- Protection and Health.

Peridot is a very positive stone and represents the properties of the sun. It’s vibrations bring a sense of ‘sunshine on a spring day’. It gives courage to take actions in order to manifest the heart’s desires. It also brings financial and spiritual independence. Even In medieval England, wearing peridot was believed to bring the wearer wealth. Peirdot can also be used to energize one’s work, hence it very good for business owners and start ups. See all Peridot products here.

Picture Jasper- Grounding and Harmonizing.

Picture Jasper, another grounding stone unites one with the consciousness of the Earth and helps in other Inner journeys. It helps one connect deeply with the planet and through all existences of the past. Picture Jasper is a very visual stone and with it’s help one can tap into the essence of ancient civilizations to bring back knowledge for present day realities. It is also a very good for bone growth and healing. See all Picture Jasper products here. 

Pink Tourmaline- Love and Emotional Healing.

Pink Tourmaline is a strong heart chakra stone, representing very feminine energies. It helps to heal emotional wounds and particularly those of childhood. It calms and soothes the heart and is aids those recovering from heart attacks. See all Pink Tourmaline products here.

Pyrite- Will Power and Confidence.

Pyrite is a beautiful golden stone which looks similar to gold in it’s raw form. It has masculine energy and it is agreat stone if one needs a boost in one’s life condition. It helps in enhancing will power to do things one desires and specially if one wants to give up on unhealthy addictions. By overcoming fear and anxiety, it gives one confidence to go about in accomplishing one’s dreams and desires by taking bold steps. See all Pyrite products here.

Quartz- Healing, Harmony and Consciousness.

The quartz family includes a large variety of stones and clear quartz is the classic variety. Clear Quartz has a long history of spiritual belief. It was considered ‘the perfect jewel’  and was viewed as a symbol of infite space, purity, perseverance and patience by the Japanese. There were many other sacred beliefs relating this stone throughout the world. It is a very versatile and multidimensional mineral. It can be programmed with the wearer’s/user’s intentions or focus. It is a great stone for wisdom and visualisation of intentions. It is a stone for the divine light and can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose. It is very important to clean clear quartz as it is a powerful storage energetic storage device. Overall, clear quartz can bring clarity at all levels. See all Quartz products here.

Rainbow Moonstone- Harmony and Inner peace.

Rainbow moonstone is a stone of joy and positive energy. It is used for protection and keeps negativity away. It aids in healing emotional trauma and brings inner peace, harmony and emotional balance to the wearer. It is a stone that shows one the value of their own individuality. See all Rainbow Moonstone products here. 

Rhodonite- Compassion and Curiosity.

Like many other stones of the pink hue, Rhodonite is also a heart stone focusing on the love energy. Rhodonite, takes the inner gifts and gives outwards, contributing to the communities, making it a stone of generosity  and bringing immense compassion to the wearer. It enhances clarity of one’s inner experiences, making it easier for one to understand the play of life and where one’s talent lies. See all Rhodonite products here. 

Rose Quartz- Love, Forgiveness and Balance.

Rose Quartz is a member of the quartz family and ranges from a pale pink to deep reddish pink color. It is the quintessential stone of love, for oneself and those around, including the Earth and the Divine. While meditating with this stone, it activates the heart chakra for the emanation of one’s innate love. It als helps to dissolve boundaries and gives a sense of union. See all Rose Quartz products here.

Rudraksha- The traditional seed.

The Rudraksha seed is a traditional seed used in malas in India, Nepal and Indonesia. The seeds are said to calm tension and give clarity to voice. See all Rudraksha products here.

Serpentine- Protection, Inner Peace, Connection to Nature.

Serpentine is a great stone for treating physical disorders and cellular regeneration. It is a calming stone in stressful situations and an excellent meditation stone for finding inner peace. In ancient civilisations serpentine was used as a protective talisman. It is used for clearing blockages in the chakras and arousing the kundalini. See all Serpentine products here.

Smoky Quartz- Eases Anxiety and Grounds.

Smoky quartz is a variety of quartz and varies from very pale tan to deep brown. It is a very strong grounding stone. It enhances practicality and makes one very organized, no matter how indecisive and irrational they are. This stone comes very handy while balancing bank accounts and doing taxes. Use Smoky Quartz in taking correct decisions to leave no loose ends. See all Smoky Quartz products here.

Sunstone- Uplifting, Revitalising and Positive.

Sunstone is a stone of personal power and freedom. It represents the immense qualities of the solar light like openness, benevolence, warmth, compassion and clarity. It is a great stone for leadership and can help the most self-conscious people break free and remove themselves from their self-doubts. It helps in manifestation of prosperity and brings great wisdom to the wearer. See all Sunstone products here.

Tiger Eye- Wealth, Luck and Will power.

Tiger eye is a member of the quartz family with bands of yellow to golden brown. It activates the root chakra and the solar plexus, resulting in bringing out vitality, practicality and taking wise physical action in the event of challenges in physical life. It brings about mental clarity and intellect, sharpening the sword of logic.  See all Tiger Eye products here.

Turquoise- Protection and Communication.

Turquoise is another very popular stone and can be found in shades varying from green to blue. One of the prime functions of turquoise is protection. It is known to keep the wearer safe in any circumstance. it also aides communication and wisdom. Its brings tremendous vitality to the wearer and can make the most depressed person full of life and joy.  See all Turquoise products here.

White Moonstone- Alleviates Worry.

White Moonstone represents the energy of the full moon at the height of it’s power. It magnifies one’s emotions. In women, it activates the Kundalini energy and opens the Inner eye. For men, It helps in balancing emotions.  See all White Moonstone products here.