Evolution Yoga Conference

The Asia Yoga Conference was held from the 6th – 9th of June 2013. Four days might seem like a long time to hold a yoga conference, however the days just flew by. Can we skip ahead already to next year please?

Having grown up during my teenage years in Hong Kong, I was delighted to take part in this year’s 7th Annual Evolution Asia Yoga Conference. Maha Mala

Welcome to our stall

bookeda table stall right at the entrance to the festival area (the location couldn’t have been better- with the beautiful participants seeing the Maha Mala stall when
they first arrived and right before they left!).

The most surprising aspect to this great event was not the fantastic offerings of asana classes, general workshops and variety of market stalls, but the yogin’s from the different countries that attended. We met yogin’s from Japan, South Korea, Mainland China and the Philippines!  It truly was Asia’s largest yoga conference! YAY for that!

Nora's MotherPiya unfortunately was not able to make it to Hong Kong for this event so I enlisted my mother to help- (Mom’s ROCK by the way!). Although my mom was not familiar with any of our ranges, or the healing aspect of the semi-precious stones we use, at the end of day one (yes DAY ONE!)- my mom was already on the ball about our company ethos and which stone was good for what. Proud of you mom and thanks for helping!

Earth Styling

We also introduced two new ranges at this event- our range called ‘Earth Elements’ which is a 108 bead mala made from beautifully coloured glass beads hand knotted on ahimsa silk (peace silk) which is also hand spun and dyed in earth dyes….I couldn’t have brought enough of the pink and purple ones…those Manila yogini’s wanted to mix and match them not only to wear as malas but also to wrap as bracelets around their wrists!

Tejas RangeOur second offering was our new ‘Tejas’ range which has bigger sized stones at 8mm in diameter and a chunkier look and feel- this range was aimed at the male yogi’s, however I was truly shocked to find that the women loved them even more! Sold out of those we were by day three!

Overall, I couldn’t have been happier to attend this years Evolution yoga conference in Hong Kong, a big thank you has to go to both Alda and Irene who together with their team of volunteers put on such a great event, that I can’t wait to go back to next year!

Asia yogin’s are you ready for Maha Mala round two next year?

What do you want Maha Mala to bring for you next time round?

X Nora