Just Posing 🙂

After a long wait of two years, AYC was back again in 2017. I was already looking forward to it from January itself. In fact I think already in Dec 2016 I was sending out emails enquiring about the exhibitor application dates. Seriously, I myself don’t understand why I’m always so excited about this particular festival. Maybe it’s because of the people I meet there. Yeah, it’s probably because of the people, the students and the yoga teachers. I’ve actually had some major life moments at this festival. Specially back in 2014 when I met Dr. Svoboda for the first time. I only realised he had a workshop there on the first day of the festival and literally had goose bumps. Only because I had been reading his books since I was 18 and they kind of shaped my young adult life and help me expand my perception of spirituality. It was a huge moment!!

Overall look

Then In 2015 I met some amazing yoga teachers. One morning, by chance ended up in a Dharma Mitra class and loved it beyond words can describe. So yes, I’ve had some big moments at this festival, apart from the mala sales of course. Living in Delhi and wholesaling across many countries, I don’t usually have direct contact with the final customers who actually use our products so festivals are really a great way to meet and get to know our clients better.



So yes, so this festival is about amazing people, some who are major yogis and some who have very different day jobs but do a lot of yoga. It’s actually so inspiring to meet people who really take time out of their busy lives and focus on a serious sadhna practice. So this year was no different. The festival started on the 8th and we set up our stall and waited for everyone to start coming in. Turned out this year we had another jewellery company a table away, so yes, competition!! However, our products were still different so I didn’t really bother getting too stressed.


The crowd upstairs

This year we saw a huge influx of yogis from Mainland China. Thank god I had hired some local HK ladies to help out at the stall or we would have gotten super lost in translation and definitely very low in sales. Thank you very much Jennifer and Nicole for all your tireless translation!! Seriously, they were Pros at communicating our company philosophy and product details. They knew the stones properties by heart. 🙂

This time unfortunately I didn’t get to attend a single workshop because the stall kept me pretty busy. Apparently AYC got a WeChat account and that brought in a huge crowd from Mainland China. Even I couldn’t imagine the amount of people who were moving in and out of classes constantly. The last day of the festival, needless to say was super packed. Our stall also thankfully was super packed and I got a chance to really meet people again and gain and become friends and develop a strong clientele. Our Chinese clients were super friendly and appreciative of our products. Honestly, I can’t wait to get into the Chinese Market already. Any wholesalers/ distributors reading this???

Trying to make the table pop 🙂


So essentially, I can say again, AYC never disappoints. Love the people and the energy and I really can’t wait to go back next year.


piya jain