gandhi poster

It’s the 2nd of October and a National holiday here in India. It is Gandhi’s birthday. Gandhi was a big proponent of non-violence, known as an ethical morale called Ahimsa in India.

Gandhi’s aim was to free India from the rule of the British, all through non-violent means. He succeeded and his vision of a violence free society inspired not only India but many nations abroad.

Today Gandhi’s life message is celebrated by prayers, ceremonies and tributes at locations all over India, specially his. There are awards given to projects which promote non-violence and film screening on his life and achievements.

Gandhi’s life was an example of simplicity and devotion to his idea of Ahimsa.

Here at Maha Mala where we take great care around the production of our Malas, Ahimsa plays a very crucial role. We are grateful and very prviledged to be the first company in the world offering ethically produced 108 bead mala necklaces using Ahimsa silk as tassels.

Thank you for making this possible for us.

Here are some of our favourite Gandhi quotes:



























Listen to Gandhi’s favourite devotional song Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram below:



Today is also the UN’s world non-violence day in celebration of Gandhi. Why not spend a few minutes today thinking about what AHIMSA or non-violence means to you, how can you live your life with more thought towards non-violence?