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As the days slowly pass to come closer to the end of 2014- one starts to think of the past year and everything that has happened- its upward facing dogs and its downward facing dogs.

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One of the things I like to do at the end of each year is write a list of things that I am grateful for.

Practicing gratitude helps in several ways;

  • Reduces stress – (you stop thinking about all the things you haven’t done, but instead of all the things you have!)
  • Lifts your mood – being grateful means to accept and acknowledge what you have, this leads to increased sense of overall wellbeing
  • Stops materialism – when you realize everything that you have, why would you need more? (nudge nudge- like that new yoga mat….?)

Taking out five minutes of your day (I do it in the mornings) to list all the things you are grateful for make me a happier person. Who doesn’t want to be happier?

At the end of the year I like to write a longer list of things I am grateful for. I do it by month (for the whole year!) and have 5 categories where I write down three things I was grateful for in that month. Going back such a long time might be hard but it also makes you relive that wonderful year and realize what you have achieved!

These are the categories I write about:

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Work
  5. Me
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They are pretty straight forward. In the ‘Me’ category I write about things that don’t fit into the other categories or are particularly special to (yes you guessed it!) ME!

I have a pdf download for you here of the gratefulness year diary which you can print out and fill out on your own.

If you are stumped what to write about- watch this music video by Baz Luhrman.

I watch it at least once a year (and it still touches me every time)!

Let me know how writing your grateful year went, was it easy, hard? Did you gain any insights into your life this past year by doing this? Share with me, I would love to know…

XX Nora