faceted stones galore

People often ask us- where do you get your stones?

Since Maha Mala is based in Delhi, Northern India- Jaipur the capital city of the state of Rajasthan, and the city of gemstones is located a short (if you considerThe car ride to Jaipur how large India is!) 4 hour drive down south.

Maha Mala sources all the stones from Jaipur. A couple times a year (or whenever we need to-) Piya and I hop onto a train, bus or our own car and ramble down to the wonderful city.

Jaipur was built in the 18th century by Sawai Jai Singh and is known as the ‘Pink City’ as the original buildings were painted pink to match the colour of the Mughal sandstone architecture. Today though the buildings are more of a brownish red.

The man in the windowPiya and I always head straight for the famous Johri Bazaar- Shops upon shops of tiny cabinets and displays line not only the streets but crooks and crannies of little alley ways. Not knowing your way around can be a blessing or a curse!

Knowing the quality of stones, and particulary what type of stone your looking for is very important. Jaipur is the gem capital of India as well as being part of the ‘golden triangle’ or Delhi and Agra, hence alot of tourists end up here as well. India, being, well India- means people try and get the better of you in any way possible. We here have developed lovely relationships with a few of the gems dealers in this city. This is always the best way forward!

Apart from of course having such a wonderful selection of stones at our fingertips, Rajasthani food isRajasthani Thali always such a treat to feast on- Head on to the LMB hotel for a traditional Rajasthani Thali (a selection of curries, vegetables and bread)- this hotel is famous for it! But watch out- Rajasthani food is almighty spicy, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Lucky enough that we are, Jaipur has always been a pleasant trip for us, many foreigners think it is dirty and polluted. We however are simply bedazzled by the stones!

Love to you from Jaipur!

Piya and Nora