Japa Garnet Hand Mala

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Japa Garnet Hand Mala

27 bead hand mala with a Garnet spacer bead


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    About this Product

    Hand malas are a shorted form of the traditional japa or chanting mala that has 108 beads. Hand mala only have 27 beads with a crystal spacer bead every 7th bead to aid in counting.

    Our hand malas are to be used as a chanting mala completing four whole rounds of the mala to chant 108 times. These malas are not meant to be worn as bracelets but to be used in the traditional sense as an aid in meditation through mantra chanting.

    This hand mala is made from the Rudraksha seeds, the holy seed from India which has metaphysical healing properties that help align the body. The seeds and crystals are hand knotted in the traditional manner on our signature AHIMSA (cruelty free) silk thread and tassel.

    Use this hand mala to enhance your spiritual practices by chanting one mantra for each bead all around the mala and then returning the same way to continue chanting. One does not cross over the final ending bead.

    Crystal Healing Benefits

    Garnet: Personal Power, Creativity and Passion; works with the Root (1st) chakra.

    This mala also comes in a Khadi (organic cotton) pouch which is block printed with vegetable dyes and sewn by our friends SEW NEW FUTURES, a NGO that provides skills trainings to underprivileged young women in New Delhi.

    Yes! We support local artisans all around India. Yes! We support fair trade. Yes! We believe in non-violence and compassion.

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    Care Instructions

    A mala was traditionally seen as a sacred object and not shown to anyone. Today we like to wear and absorb the healing vibrations of the crystals, but remember that this is still a sacred object. Treat your mala like you would treat a photo of your teacher, with care and respect.

    These malas are hand knotted on natural ahimsa (cruelty free) silk. It is natural over time the movement of the beads will degrade the thread. This however can take many years!

    You can wash your tassel (only your tassel!) in a little warm water with some baby (or other soft) shampoo. Do not comb out the tassels as this range has hand spun ahimsa silk which is not made for brushing!

    Be aware that direct sunlight can fade the colour of your mala.Protect your mala in the cloth pouch provided to extend the life of your mala.

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