Mysteriously Intuitive

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Mysteriously Intuitive

Mysteriously Intuitive

Peach Moonstone, Grey Moonstone and white Moonstone 108 bead mala with a silver-plated Guru Bead ahimsa silk tassel.

Silver: 92.5


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    About this Product

    This mala holds within itself the mysterious powers of the feminine divine. Along with insight into one’s inner consciousness it also helps one balance their emotions. Closely related to the moon this mala brings you some loving feminine energy.

    This mala bead necklace is traditionally used as a tool for mantra chanting and meditation. Today we also wear them as yoga jewellery and healing jewellery.

    Each crystal bead in this mala has metaphysical therapeutic qualities that benefit the wearer.

    This Mysteriously Intuitive Mala has been made with strong crystals that help you develop a strong intuitive feminine nature.

    Crystal Healing Benefits

    Grey Moonstone: Magnifies Intensions 6thCh

    Peach Moonstone: Alleviates Worries 6thCh

    White Moonstone: Magnifies Emotions 6thCh

    The mala was hand strung by us in New Delhi, India and finished with our signature Ahimsa (cruelty free) silk tassel.

    This mala also comes in a Khadi (organic cotton) pouch which is block printed with vegetable dyes and sewn by our friends SEW NEW FUTURES, a NGO that provides skills trainings to underprivileged young women in New Delhi.

    Yes! We support local artisans all around India.

    Yes! We support fair trade.

    Yes! We believe in non-violence and compassion.

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    Care Instructions

    A mala was traditionally seen as a sacred object and not shown to anyone.

    Today we like to wear and absorb the healing vibrations of the crystals, but remember that this is still a sacred object. Treat your mala like you would treat a photo of your teacher, with care and respect.

    Our malas as strung on high-grade wire or knotted on fine cotton thread. Please do not put your mala into water, as this will degrade the wire or the cotton string.

    You can wash your tassel (only your tassel!) in a little warm water with some baby (or other soft) shampoo. Gently tease out any tangles with a comb after drying.

    Certain crystals will loose colour if placed in direct sunlight. Protect your mala in the cloth pouch provided.

    Crystals absorb vibrations and it is a good idea to cleanse your crystals once a month either with smoke from incense or by placing your mala under the rays of the full moon outside or on the windowsill.