Piya in the Puja shop

Many of you have never been to India, perhaps it is a life long dream, or a thought that maybe one day you will head here to explore, discover, love, hate and be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells that is this beautifully chaotic country.

Maha Mala is an Indian company, we source, live, work and breathe all that is India (perhaps not the chaos part!- we try to be as organized as possible!)

We want to be as transparent as possible in how we carefully make each of the products you see on our site. Hence, we have started to film little snapshots of our daily work life here in India.

Here is the first such video, it was shot in the north of Delhi in a place called Chandi Chowk- full of tiny alley ways with various shops. We have this one shop where we always source our Rudraksha seeds from. If you don’t know what a Rudraksha seed is, read about them here. This tiny shop on the second floor down one of the little alley ways is actually a shop devoted to selling puja (worship) items that are used in all sorts of rituals.

Here is the little shop:

Fascinating isn’t it?